Dec 30, 2006

Happy 2007

I am ready for 2006 to be done. While there have been some good things happen, I have had several kicks to the crotch this year. Things are looking much better for 2007 so "Let's do it!"

Dec 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Mom

We visited Mom today...

She always did her best for us on Christmas. Sometimes it wasn't easy, but she gave it her all. I remember as a small kid she had some old glass ornaments and as I got older she used gold and red. The stuff we used reminded me of her, and how she would mark the ornaments for the kids with their name and the year.

Merry Christmas Mom, we love you.

Dec 19, 2006

Intense Cycles Launches Road Line and New Website

MY NEXT ROAD BIKE WILL BE AN INTENSE! Their mountain bikes, like the Spyder, are awesome.

Intense Cycles has re-launched their website The new site boasts easier navigation and more information about Intense and their products. All 2007 Intense bikes are now online including their brand new line of road bikes, which includes the Fenix C2 (carbon fiber frame and fork) and Carbine (Easton EA-6 mainframe, EA-CNT carbon rear and EA-SLX fork).

Dec 16, 2006

Nothing much new here

Not much news here lately. Bank trials are done, finally. Christmas is coming, quickly, and I haven't shopped one bit.

Merrit and Kristin are coming back which is the best present I could get.

Otherwise, I am just trying to not get fat. Working out a lot, lifting probably too much though. Need to back off on the upper body stuff in order to lose some weight by spring. 195-200 is my goal, hopefully I can get there.