May 18, 2009

Emptied the Tank

The last time I posted, I was at the crest of a cycling wave having some good rides and feeling great. As expected, I went out a week ago Sunday and had an awesome ride. It wasn't real long but I felt strong and rode as good as I ever have in the past.

Then Monday set in. I shouldn't make it sound so dramatic because what happened was totally expected, I just chose to ignore the inevitable. Took a normally scheduled Monday off. Tuesday spin class was to be my only ride but I had planned on biking to and from class. When I got home and changed, suddenly I had no ambition. None.

Managed to get through class still feeling ok and saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately it was a train. Wednesday morning spin class went ok, but the afternoon weight session was canceled due to lack of interest.

All the while, work was being - difficult? Some things happened that just drug me down into a funk I couldn't break out of. After a talking to by my lovely bride and this guy I sucked it up and handled some unpleasant things at work and felt much better.

However, the damage was done and my week went out with a whimper. I wimped out of TNR ride but managed to power through a great spin class. With good intentions I set out to ride Friday evening but overtime canceled it.

Saturday was a group ride with the EVCC crew that was supposed to last 3 hours. What a great ride. Finished the very windy very chilly and VERY hilly 50 miles in under 3 hours and nothing left in the tank. After the ride I went home and fought off a nap by doing some landscaping. The nap nearly won, but the landscaping looks nice. Sunday was another day spent getting things done around the house while Kandy was at work.

I think (hope) that I am feeling better now. I really think I had a touch of the flu or something on top of emptying my recovery tank. But, my ambition is coming back and I actually want to go ride again. Tonight is a longish slow ride on the MTB priming for group rides this week and a club race at Maskenthine next week.

May 9, 2009

The Rest Week That Wasn't

Remember that training plan I talked about? The one that had me peaking last week and recovering this week? Yeah, well, that didn't happen.

It all started according to plan. Finished out last week with a good ride at Maskenthine and took Monday off. Tuesday... was evening spin class combined with the commute by bike and a little off-road riding, followed up with Wednesday morning class and a gym session in the afternoon. After that things sort of fell apart.

This guy IM's me Thursday morning: "Hey, you riding tonight?" Well, with that kind of pressure, how can I not?

Thursday evening spin class, then a quick change and off to the shop to catch up eith the ride. Nine riders in blue, with one tri-geek thrown in for good measure, took off on the Pierce loop to avenge last week's crushing defeat on the same loop.

Anyway, I hung on most of the ride. It was hard work made even harder when, after I took off south through the hills ahead of the group, I tried to drop Devin and company after they caught me. It was truly like Kirk asking Scotty for more power and getting the "I can't hold her sir..." speech when I asked for more from my legs.

Friday, walked a ton at Maskenthine doing trail work followed by two very chill laps. Lifted again today doing an upper body and core workout with ultra-high reps.
I am quite a bit above the total hours of my training plan at this point.

If I was smart, I'd lounge around the house tomorrow and do a few things. More than likely I will sack the lounging, do the few things, and go ride. Cycling is just too dang much fun. No wonder Lance couldn't stay away.

May 2, 2009

Great Week on the Bike

When I set up my training plan early this year I had a thought of peaking for the Swanson race that was held today. I was getting close to having my bride comfortable with the idea of racing again until Redemske crashed at Le Tour de Husker. Still may have pulled it off until Thursday. I still peaked this week but no racing.

Thursday? Where should I start? Let's go back to the beginning of the week first. I took Monday off, with intentions to ride hard Tuesday on the group MTB ride. Well, several things kept me from joining the group after spin class but I still cranked out the fasted lap I ever rolled at Maskenthine - 0:29:30. Others do it faster but I was damn pleased finally getting a sub-30 minute lap.

Wednesday I did a early AM spin class. Then went to the gym in the afternoon for weights and core. (I have decided I need to stay with the weights for work reasons. I am getting older but the crooks are getting younger as evidenced by the scrap I had in the courthouse last week.)

Thursday. I taught my spin class and bombed down to the shop for what was supposed to be a butt-kicking group ride. I was ready for the challenge. Everything started off good - the ride plan was a paceline into the wind up the flats to Pierce with a return trip with the wind through the hills back to Norfolk.

On the flats, two go off the front. The paceline formed giving chase and catching them a few miles up the road. Once the break is caught the pace at the front dropped, fast. Those of us at the back didn't see the slowdown fast enough and wheels were rubbed. Lots of wheels. Lots of rubbing.

I was toward the back with John S and Richard H behind me. I rubbed wheels and veered left to avoid plowing into the pack. John rubbed mine but went down. Hard. Then Richard used John as a lauch ramp doing his best Evel Kneivel imitation, including the crash landing and broken bones.

We regrouped, made some calls for someone to pick up the injured and tried to abbreviate the ride. The group splintered, then partially regrouped when Cody flatted then turned around for the trip home.

Todd J and I put our heads down and dropped the hammer. We dropped two who eventually bridged back at Hadar, and we all dropped the hammer again back to Norfolk. The last of the group, Nick and Devin, turned around about a mile farther down the road and had to kick it up to 30+ to catch us before gettting back to the shop. They caught us but barely.

I had a great ride, one of my best of the year. But, it ended up at the hospital checking on John and Richard. John - concussion. Richard - broken collarbone. Not good squared.

I did an easy spin on the trainer Friday. Saturday morning I went out for a quick ride before a family road trip and had another awesome ride. My north loop around the north side of Norfolk includes a couple hills I use to gauge my fitness and strength. usually on those I am down close to or in granny gear and topping out my HR while grinding to the top. Today I spun 2-3 gears higher at 100+ RPM without hitting zone 4. For a change I was smiling at the top of a hill.

Again, there are lots of guys locally who can just rip my legs off, but I am waaaay ahead of last year. I have ways to go before I can hang with those guys but its getting closer. Yay. I may not be racing yet but its still fun to go fast and ride well.