Jun 18, 2009

Hello, hello? Is This Thing On?

Not sure anyone is listening anymore because it has been so long since I posted. its been a busy month since the list time I checked in here.

So what has been going on? Work, races, racing(!), family, and stuff. Lots of stuff.

Training has been going very very good. I am very glad I ended up with extra hours on the bike early in the year because with some of my other obligations I get put off the bike periodically. With the good base under me I don't lose any fitness. I am finally able to ride with the group on rides, get some lap times at the lake like I want, and can actually time trial now. It makes the whole package so much more fun.

Work has been up and down, some busy stuff, some down time. Nothing I can't handle and it actually feels kind of good to be busy there for a change.

Races - grrr. Maskenthine rained out twice. Norfolk Classic rained on, and hailed on. Managed to drown my Blackberry during the crit standing in the rain keeping an eye on a race. It was fun though and made for some good stories.

Being the Officials Coordinator is starting to take on a life of its own. It has been keeping me very busy, but I think its a very good thing. I learned a lot from some folks and am doing my best to make sure that I impart that knowledge on to the newer officials in the area. I also want to make sure that every thing is fair and functioning well. I have a great bunch of people to work with and its very rewarding so I am not complaining.

Family. Well, some ups. Some downs. But its all good, generally. Some things I would like to be better but I have no control over the situation. Eventually it will work itself out but until then its quite painful. All I can do is make sure I am doing my best to be a good father, husband, etc and let time do its part.

Anyway, the summer is here, and soon it will be gone again. I intend to enjoy it. You do the same.