Sep 26, 2008

Be Brave

Sep 20, 2008

No Broken Bones But My Season Is Officially Over

Raced the Branched Oak Psycowpath today. Legs, check. Feeling good? Check. Bike working as well as an old NRS can? Check. Shoulder pads? Oops, knew I forgot something.

Things were going well. I boogied up the one mile gravel road climb, in site of the leaders and about mid-pack. Into the singletrack no problem. Wow, was that the first (of four) lap I just finished? Cool. I'm right where I want to be. Lap two, still going ok.

Lap three I relaxed. I was keeping my pace, cruising. About halfway though, there is this blind right hander, with a snow fence catch to keep folks from doing a header into the trees and/or lake. Someone (Kevin Murray but who keeps track?) had hit that earlier and tore it partway down, so I was used to just crusing through the corner with the orange fence on the ground. This time, someone had dutifully put the fence back, Wow, I can blow through here and....

Down I went. Hard. On my right shoulder. Sounded like I crushed a bunch of peanut shells under me. Got up, off the trail, and realized my shoulder was dislocated. Moved it around a little and it slipped back in. So, I found my dislodge speedometer and, after half a jilion people went by, including Dan "Animal" Ertz, I got going again. I can finish this.

And I did, cautiously. Not too bad until I tried to climb up the rocky sections. That hurt.

When I finished I stopped to chat a bit with Jerry S, Dan Ertz, and Rich Anderson. I said hey, I crashed. My shoulder pops when I do this, and this. Then it went out again.

Almost couldn't get it back in that time. I looked up and Dan's eyes looked a bit wide, and he asked me politely to not do that again.

Went home, got it x-rayed. No bones broken but I have this really cool sling to wear until I can see the orthopod.

Congrats to Dan, Taira, Rich, and Kevin the new kid. I haven't heard how Tim did but I am sure it went well for him.

Sep 12, 2008

Was it really this hard?

Trying to create a slide show like I have seen on Sean's site. Only took me forever to figure it out.

Sep 8, 2008

In hind sight it was OK

My trip to Spearfish didn't turn out quite like I planned but I am committed to doing it again.

I know I can ride better knowing what to expect. And hopefully my jeep won't blow on the way home again (to the tune of $1600)