Apr 28, 2009

New Week, Still Random

Had a great weekend (mostly) at home with Kandy. We both forgot how much we enjoy each other's company and it was nice remembering. Didn't do much: lawn maintenance, house work, dinner. Just nice.

Rode quite a bit last week, even though I wimped out of a TNR. On Friday I let it rip at the Secret Training Ground, laying down the fastest laps I have ever done there. Hmmm. Is there racing in my future? Kandy says it makes her stomach hurt when I talk about it. We'll see.

Not much new to report. Work is the same, spring is still playing peek-a-boo with us. Emphasis on the "boo" there.

Armstrong, Liepheimer, and Horner riding the Tour of the Gila this week. So is Landis. Although, after watching Landis' Twitter feed I am not much of a fan anymore. So much so that I don't watch it anymore.

The Norfolk Classic weekend should be a doozy - two great days of racing on great venues. But this year, riders need to bring their families and stay. After the road race there is a circus in town; that night there is a car show, BBQ, and beer garden with live music; and the Christian Cross Festival after the State Crit. The car show, BBQ, and beer garden will be on the crit course so those from out of town won't have too many places to look for. Should be a great time.

Apr 22, 2009

Random Bits of Information from the Last Week

I acted at Chief Referee at the Le Tour de Husker in Lincoln this last weekend. I had a good crew working with me - Kevin, Nancy, and Cheryl - so my job was easy. I could focus on some of the issues during and after the race, concentrate on keeping things moving, and work on my scoring without any pressure.

It was a good weekend, even though the weather was very up and down. I went from looking for more clothes to wear because it was cold to stripping down to short sleeves and wishing I had wore sunblock. Really really burned my face but its better now. Live and learn.

Even though I didn't ride over the weekend I was still exhausted. Officiating is mentally challenging and standing for 8-10 hours isn't something I am used to.

When Monday rolled around I was still tired but braved the 45mph winds and got a good ride in on my mountain bike at Skyview. The course there is all grass with quite a bit of climbing. I am starting to be able to roll up the hills without taxing my system much so I feel my strength is improving. Continued work on climbing is still in order though.

Did another trifecta-plus last night and this morning. Last night I lifted, taught a spin class and went on a MTB group ride. This morning I got up and taught another spin class. If the weather holds out I may try to get another very low intensity ride in tonight, or I might fertilize the lawn. Depends on my ambition level at 5PM I guess.

Want to know something? No? Too bad - i am going to tell you anyway. In the late eighties and into the late nineties I started to develope some minor high blood pressure. Nothing that required medication but definately something to watch. It was getting close to 150/100 most time, and my parents and brother were all already taking medication for their high blood pressure.

Then I started cycling. Over the years my resting heart rate has dropped from the 70's to somewhere around 50, and when I checked my blood pressure this morning it was 122/64 with a HR of 61. After teaching a spin class earlier in the morning and walking around for a bit. Thank you, Mr. Bicycle.

My youngest daughter Kristin made Pink Panthers, again. For those who are wondering - the Pink Panthers is the Norfolk High School dance team. She will be a junior this fall and follows in the footsteps of her older sisters who were all Pink Panthers as well. Dance, dance, dance. Seems like it has been forever a part of our lives but before we know it dancing days will be over.

I guess this is getting long, so I'll stop.

Apr 15, 2009

Back After 7 Months

Finally rode some singletrack last night for the first time since September 19, 2008 - almost nine months ago. I love singletrack. I love riding with everyone out on the road and being in a group and trying to hang with the group, but for me nothing is better than dirt. I like being out in the trees being a part of nature and riding my bike.

Even though I had a mechanical issue the made my riding a little less productive ( new chain was too long so lots of skipping on a worn cassette - both got fixed last nght ) it was still great. This is supposed to be a rest week after a hard couple weeks prior but I still stayed on with the group for most of a lap until I popped. Then I backed off, rode my own pace, and had fun.

Even with the mechanicals, and the long time away, my fitness and my riding skills are right where I left off last fall. Not as good as some, better than a few, and good enough for me.

For now.

Apr 11, 2009

Friday Recovery

Set out after work Friday for a quick recovery ride but once I got into it I didn't want to stop. Ended up just south Wee Town before I had to turn around to get home in time for church.

Legs felt great: constant spinning at 95-105 rpm with HR steady in Z2.

So, it wasn't the 130 miles that Dan had, but it was a good after work spin.

Apr 10, 2009

Whirling Spots

Since I couldn't partake of this week's Thursday Night Ride and my workout and bodily rhythms were in sync, I opted for letting it all hang out on the spin bike in class.

Compressing the subtleties of a 120 minute TNR into a 45 minute spin class was no easy feat. But, after seeing whirling spots in front of my eyes after the last threshold interval, I think I accomplished my goal. Legs were fried, lungs were burned, and every last bit of extra sweat was on the floor.

So, the rest of the week for me? And easy spin tonight and nothing but rest on Saturday while at work. Sunday will be an easy day as will most of next week. I am hoping that Tuesday finds the Maskenthine trails dry so I can see how my MTB legs are feeling.

The Psycowpath opener is May 2.

Apr 9, 2009

Not much to report

Things have been pretty uneventful lately waiting for the Easter Bunny to show up. Last night The Vicious Poodle woke us up at about 3AM barking at someone down the street. He thinks he scared them away preventing a burglar attack on our home and I haven't told him any different.

Training in coming along nicely. After hanging on by a thread for most of last week's Thursday Night Ride I am a bit more inspired to train hard. Since then its been intervals, hill repeats, and more intervals and hill repeats, with a double header of recovery rides yesterday. I am feeling much stronger and lighter than last year, which helps keep the motivation fueled as well.

I weighed in at 194 this morning and that got me thinking that I haven't been below 198 since 2006 (I think) when I was powerlifting. I bulked up to 200 and beyond back in 1991 and never went back down. My weight in 1987 was ~170 before I started lifting and eating heavy. I am not sure I ever want to go back to that but it feels nice to need to look at all my "too big" clothes filling my closet.

The first big race of the Nebraska season is next weekend and I have assembled a pretty good crew to work it with me. Should be a lot of fun seeing folks in race form.

Spin classes are going good - full classes with motivated and loyal participants. I stay with my current schedule until after Memorial Day when I take over M/W/F 5:45AM classes and give up evening ones. That will be great for summer activities.

Otherwise, not much new. Where are those Reese's PB Eggs?