Feb 21, 2010

The Belt

Why on earth would I post a picture of my belt? Or any belt for that matter? Funny you should ask.

I have had this belt since about 1998. I wear it almost every day, and usually for work. During the day, I not only holds up my pants but my work gear - gun, handcuffs, and badge. At one time I had a pager clipped to it, which really ages not only the belt but me as well. After that I clipped my cell phone to it, until I heard that cell phones aren't a fashion accessory and I started carrying it in my pocket.

As interesting as that all is its not the point of the story.  Take a look at the holes. There are six when there should only be five. When I bought the thing I would have used the middle holes, a bigger one when I was at work because of all the junk I have to carry.

Then in 1999 I got divorced. Anyone who has been through that horrific experience knows what I mean when I say that I went on the "divorce diet." Weight loss during this time necessitated me punching the sixth hole at work one day to keep  my pants up.

Along came Kandy and I got remarried. Now, she is a good cook and I like to eat. Slowly, I crept back up to the middle holes, eventually into some of the holes on the other end, as my weight climbed to new heights. The peak was in 2005 - 233. Yuck. Couldn't tie my shoes. Looked like a tank. Gross.

So I started dieting. Or, as some insist, changing my lifestyle. The weight came off, slowly.

Yesterday, I got dressed in the morning and needed to use the hole I punched in 1999 to hold up my pants.

And I am still married, with no divorce diet in sight. Kandy is still a good cook who takes good care of me but she just has a little less to take care of now. For the first time in a very long time, I looked down and there was not belly sticking out, and I could see my belt, without sucking anything in.

Life is good.

Feb 9, 2010

Go Away

I was fine coming back to Nebraska.

After being in Florida over the weekend I had re-energized and was ready for the last few weeks of winter. I had seen green grass, palm trees, and felt chilly at 50 degrees. In shorts and a t-shirt. I was even fine looking out this morning to a bit more new snow.

Then, as I was walking down the driveway to help Kristin get her car thawed out, I biffed it. Hard.

Snow - go away. Ice - go away. I am tired of you. I don't even care (much) that I can't go outside to ride, or whatever, I just want you to go. Torment someone else now, you have had your fun with me. Its time to let me up.