Oct 27, 2010

It may be a little early but...

Looking back over my 2010 season I realized that I met all the goals I set for myself, even surpassing a few. While it wasn't a perfect year, it was pretty darned good. My goals were modest - hang on during our weekly group rides, podium in a Psycowpath race, and have a marked increase in measurable performance on some know rides/loops. Modest or not, they were goals I set and worked hard to meet.

November 1st is looming so its time to start laying out some goals for the 2011 season. With the upgrade to Cat 2 on the mountain bike, shooting for at least one podium for the year sounds reasonable.

A Cat 4 upgrade on the road is another goal, even though I could actually do it now. I really don't want to though until I could actually race with a Cat 4 group, not just watch them disappear down the road. And, I really want to focus nearly 100% on MTB and CX events so that may be one of those "it'd be nice but..." goals.

On the upgrade front once again, a CX upgrade from 4 to 3 would also be nice. Since I am a total noob to CX this might be a lofty one but I think I'll keep that one on the list. Maybe I should narrow it a bit and shoot for top 10 in two CX races.

I'd also like to do at least one major race in 2011 whether its the Dakota 5-O, or some other large race outside of the immediate area. A top 10 finish would be nice; a "not last" finish would be cool too.

How to accomplish this? Fitness and skills practice.

Once a week skills practice - mountain specific until fall then cross practice.

Return to the gym. I actually have started this one. The plan is to work up to two rounds of a deadlift/squat workout with a specific percentage (100+%) of my bodyweight.

VO2 work. I purposely neglected this in 2010, largely because doing it wrong does more damage than good. I need to study up a bit so I can make a go of it.

Wait - one more goal. Probably the hardest one but the most important. one. I can do all this stuff but if it ruins my home life its worthless. I have a hard time with divided attention but I have to learn that when I am riding I am a cyclist, when I am home I am a family man. Sounds easy right? Easy or not, it is goal #1.