Apr 26, 2006

Cancer sucks

My mom is sick, extremely sick. She started out with what everyone thought was just a mass on her ovary but shortly after that it was diagnosed as ovarian cancer.

Since then she has undergone chemo treatments and had several major surgeries. Her prognosis is not good.

It is really hard, taking care of my mom. It guess that is the way it is supposed to be, kids taking care of their parents, but it sucks. She deserves all I can do, but I'm not very good at it, and its not fair to her.

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FoosRckKona said...

Yes it really sucks and it came on so fast. I think the best that we can do for her is to keep her feeling as independent as she can be. I don't think there are any kind of how-to books on caring for someone who was diagnosed w/ a cancer that moves so fast.

Looks like you did a good job on picking the Monarch. Good scouting report. She sounds as happy as she could be at this time.

I talked to the nurse and she was really nice. It seems she is as available for us as she is for mom.

Also, I think this is going to be hard on Mary D. as well. She sounded a little broken up tonite when I talked to her.