Jan 17, 2007

Cold, waiting for spring.

Winter is my least favorite season. Too cold, and I hate snow. Sprig is coming though, the days are getting a little longer, and the calendar is creeping along.

Down to 209 this morning, which knocks 16 pounds off my weight from late last summer. 200 is in sight, as is 199. Wow, if I could be that light, with the same power output, I might be able to keep up with my riding buddies.

Using the site www.calorie-count.com to keep track of my eating, which has helped considerably. Just needed something simple to manage my intake.


FoosRckKona said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

Well, I wasn't trying but my work schedule has pushed me down to 198.5. That's a total loss of about 12 lbs. but probably 15lbs of muscle loss and a gain of 2.5 fat lbs. Ugh. I hope I can start getting back to normal sometime soon or I'll be 180 before you know it.

Jon said...

OK, lets readjust a little. Bought a new scale which reset my starting weight at 216. This morning I was 211.6 so I am still the lowest I have been since I started this diet.

Looking back, at the end of last summer I was over 225 again knowing now that my scale was so far off. So I am happy to be almost 15 pounds lighter.

I'd love to be 198.5. You looked good in that photo at PS, I wouldn't worry about it too much.