May 18, 2009

Emptied the Tank

The last time I posted, I was at the crest of a cycling wave having some good rides and feeling great. As expected, I went out a week ago Sunday and had an awesome ride. It wasn't real long but I felt strong and rode as good as I ever have in the past.

Then Monday set in. I shouldn't make it sound so dramatic because what happened was totally expected, I just chose to ignore the inevitable. Took a normally scheduled Monday off. Tuesday spin class was to be my only ride but I had planned on biking to and from class. When I got home and changed, suddenly I had no ambition. None.

Managed to get through class still feeling ok and saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately it was a train. Wednesday morning spin class went ok, but the afternoon weight session was canceled due to lack of interest.

All the while, work was being - difficult? Some things happened that just drug me down into a funk I couldn't break out of. After a talking to by my lovely bride and this guy I sucked it up and handled some unpleasant things at work and felt much better.

However, the damage was done and my week went out with a whimper. I wimped out of TNR ride but managed to power through a great spin class. With good intentions I set out to ride Friday evening but overtime canceled it.

Saturday was a group ride with the EVCC crew that was supposed to last 3 hours. What a great ride. Finished the very windy very chilly and VERY hilly 50 miles in under 3 hours and nothing left in the tank. After the ride I went home and fought off a nap by doing some landscaping. The nap nearly won, but the landscaping looks nice. Sunday was another day spent getting things done around the house while Kandy was at work.

I think (hope) that I am feeling better now. I really think I had a touch of the flu or something on top of emptying my recovery tank. But, my ambition is coming back and I actually want to go ride again. Tonight is a longish slow ride on the MTB priming for group rides this week and a club race at Maskenthine next week.

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