May 28, 2010

What I have learned in 2010

Its almost June, so 2010 is starting to show some age. Sort of like me, I guess. I always figure time isn't wasted if you learned something - did I learn anything this year? Some...

My recovery well has a finite depth. But each time I dredge the bottom, it gets a little deeper.
My kids are going to grow up, whether I pay attention or not.
I have no business riding in the front on a group ride. Ever.
Grandchildren, even unborn ones, change your life forever.
Some people have too much power.
Most people who have ANY power have no idea how to use it. Or care.
Whenever you think things are going good and you're smart, life is going to change.

People respond to the smallest of changes. Good and bad.
My manners really suck lately.
If I am riding alongside Devin, its because he is going slow.
The word "cancer" scares the hell out of me.
I like going to bike races, mostly because of the people who also like going to bike races.
I have to remember that even though some things in my job are routine to me, they are life-changing, or ending, events for others. Generally if I'm there, someone is having a bad day.
I wish my body had the ability my mind desires.
I wish I had the intestinal fortitude to make my body do what my mind desires.
I am not always right. Even if I was right, I may be the only one who needs to know.
The dog can pee pretty much anywhere he wants, as long as he keeps acting that happy to see me every time I come home.
Dogs have  no concept of time.

If you rely on most people to do the right thing, you're going to be disappointed.
Just because I didn't answer the phone doesn't mean your call isn't important to me.
I have picked up a great set of friends. Its a short list, but an important list.

Most importantly the last one:

Just like your teeth, ignore your wife and she'll go away.


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brady said...

There's some wisdom here. Thanks for sharing Jon.