Jan 26, 2011

Odds and Ends

An assortment of things happening lately.

- Participating in the honor guard today for a policeman who died. We went to high school together and worked together for years. He died of cancer. The honor guard is quite a site - inspiring and chilling at the same time. 

- Been working a ton of hours lately for all the various jobs I have trying to build a war chest for spring and summer activities. Vacation, graduation, bike races, etc.

- Training hard and steady preparing for spring. Following a plan which is quite interesting. Measured intensity with even more measured increases in intensity building for a peak in June for the State Championship race in Ponca. Jewell TT and Swanson XC will be B races preparing for Ponca. 

- Trying to pare some weight back off after the Christmas cataclysm. Never any fun. 

- I went back to lifting again. Went for what I thought was an unobtainable goal of sets of 20 with a certain poundage for deadlifts and squats trying to build that instant sprint and hill power. Since I have reached that goal, I have switched to five sets of five, with heavier weights. Building up to 5x5 at 300 for both, maybe by March. We'll see.

- Heading out of town Saturday for an outing with LB (my Lovely Bride) which I am very much looking forward to. We are getting a couple's massage session that the kids gave us for Christmas. Massage, lunch, a little shopping - should be a fun day. 

That's it. Nothing exciting. 


Joe said...

Busy, busy, busy... sorry to hear about your friend.

Jon Downey said...

Thanks Joe.

Hope your training is going better.

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