Jun 22, 2007

Vacation looming

I am in pre-vacation no-motivation mode right now. Going to Florida to see by brother (and the Police at Dolphin Stadium!) on July 7. Then I come back to Omaha on the 11th to change planes and am off to Temecula, CA for 10 days with family and friends. Bi coastal baby!

When I go to Florida, I am renting a Trek 1500 to get some miles in along the Gulf. I am shipping my Giant to Cali to ride some miles from Temecula to Oceanside and San Diego.

But! Temecula is also the home of Intense Cycles. I called Intense and they are going to let me have either a Carbine or Fenix for a day or two!!!

After that, back to Nebraska for the State Games MTB and then the crit at the Babcook race.

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