Jun 25, 2007

Work, College World Series Style part 1

So I worked security at the College World Series a couple days, including the final game last night. I started out at the right field en trace gate, not too exciting. Finally, I was reassigned and moved to a rover position to just patrol the entire spectator area looking for whatever trouble I could find.

Mid-way through the bottom of the seventh, I spotted several of the other law enforcement guys like myself escorting a guy out. He had been way down in front in reserved seating area so I got to them as they got into the main aisle moving to an exit gate. usually, the only reason to escort someone out is if they are drunk or really obnoxious and this guy fit the bill on both counts.

He was in his mid-20's and tanked. When I got to them I ended up in the front of the line of cops and next to the drunk guy. He was spouting off about how we couldn't touch him, how he knew his rights, and just generally being a jerk. As we got to the exit from the seating area to the main concourse, he bolted.

I took off after him and body checked him into a wall. As I got my hands on him he and and I were swarmed by the other 6-8 cops who were behind us with all of them wanting a piece of the guy. Hands and handcuffs were everywhere until he was finally restrained.

We walked him outside and the security supervisor said to get him off the grounds. Once we had gotten outside, the guy's dad came along and was trying to talk some sense into his son. The dad at least had the sense to know that if the kid didn't quiet down he was going to jail. We did manage to get him to the curb of the venue property line but by now he and dad were getting more upset with each other than us. So, while the drunk was distracted by dad, we took the handcuffs off, told him not to come back and let them both go.

By the time we got back to the main gate, we heard that father and son were duking it out in the middle of the street. Off the grounds, not our problem. Not a minute later we saw the horse patrol from Omaha PD heading up there. I'm sure they went to jail at that point. Several people watching all this commented that the father and son had been kicked out of the beer garden across the street for acting the same way earlier in the day.

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