Jan 1, 2009

OK fine. My list for 2008

Since everyone else seems to be posting up best and worst lists I feel left out. Here are my highs and lows, kept to the point:

Best Things:

My wife.
Katie's wedding
Merrit and Kayla's graduations
Jacob's confirmation
Kristin's recovery from back surgery
Spending time with Mitch, Nicole and Kaytlin (Florida family) and cari, Anthoney, Sam, and Zane (California friends)
Racing the Dakota 5-o
Putting on some successful races
Officiating races, and getting to know lots of cycling folks
Remembering old friends and discovering the kindness of new ones.

Worst Things:

Watching my finances go to pot (See Best Things)
Having our Jeep take a giant crap on us halfway across South Dakota. On a holiday.
Not training hard enough and not racing well at all
Breaking my shoulder.
Getting estranged from someone, with no resolution in sight.
Spending more time in doctor's offices and hospitals than I'd like.

Here's hoping 2009 finds you all well and treats you with kindness.

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