Mar 30, 2009

Official Upgrade

I spent 14 hours on the road over the weekend traveling to Blaine, Minnesota for a USA Cycling Class "B" officials seminar. The course was held at the National Sports Complex which is also the home of the NSC Velodrome.

Having never been to a velodrome this was a special treat. Its a hard thing to photograph and capture the true feel. Even video doesn't do it justice - you just can't grasp how banked the corners are. I walked around it and standing on the banks is like standing on the steepest roof or slope you can imagine. It gave me a whole new insight into riding track.

So did the classwork. I had read the rule book numerous times but without talking about the nuances of track racing with experienced track folks, it was hard to put in perspective. And, being responsible for a working knowledge of it gave me a good reason to get familiar with track.

The course was taught by International Commissaire Bruce Brasaemle a veteran of various aspects of officiating. The course is quite compressed, with a ton of information given in a short amount of time. Bruce did a fine job of keeping the course on track and getting the information out.

The test was interesting. I wasn't fond of the way the questions were written but it made me think and that was the point. I didn't do as well as I would have liked but I passed comfortably and got to head home. I was one of the two highest scores, even passing the track portion of the test.

My new license should arrive soon with the "B" upgrade noted. I am hoping that I can score some officiating jobs around the region, if not the nation, and get some more experience and opportunities for travel. There is talk of a possible to trip to either Downer's Grove (Chicago) or the Nature Valley Grand Prix (back in Minneapolis), but we'll see. I am hoping to get a gig or two back in Blaine for some track races as well.

Minneapolis is a nice place, but still resembles Nebraska quite a bit. After a couple days I was ready to come home. I like to travel but with out my lovely bride or some close friends or family it just just isn't as much fun.


Pro Cycling News Service said...

Nice job, Jon. Track is certainly a different beast.

Joe said...

Nice Job!!

Dan said...

Congratulations Jon!!

FoosRckKona said...

Good Job! Top 2? Awesome!

D Bethune said...

I tell you what, Jon...I don't know if it's in the cards, but I think it would be cool to go to a big event someday - even just to watch - and see you there officiating. I would be simply beeming with pride to be able to say I know that person and ride with him on a regular basis.
Great Job!!

Tez said...

Great job Jon and CONGRATS! What a cool experience. It sounds like more fun in the future for you! It was also great to meet you at Twin Bing!

Jon said...

Thanks for all the positive comments. I appreciate them all!