Apr 9, 2009

Not much to report

Things have been pretty uneventful lately waiting for the Easter Bunny to show up. Last night The Vicious Poodle woke us up at about 3AM barking at someone down the street. He thinks he scared them away preventing a burglar attack on our home and I haven't told him any different.

Training in coming along nicely. After hanging on by a thread for most of last week's Thursday Night Ride I am a bit more inspired to train hard. Since then its been intervals, hill repeats, and more intervals and hill repeats, with a double header of recovery rides yesterday. I am feeling much stronger and lighter than last year, which helps keep the motivation fueled as well.

I weighed in at 194 this morning and that got me thinking that I haven't been below 198 since 2006 (I think) when I was powerlifting. I bulked up to 200 and beyond back in 1991 and never went back down. My weight in 1987 was ~170 before I started lifting and eating heavy. I am not sure I ever want to go back to that but it feels nice to need to look at all my "too big" clothes filling my closet.

The first big race of the Nebraska season is next weekend and I have assembled a pretty good crew to work it with me. Should be a lot of fun seeing folks in race form.

Spin classes are going good - full classes with motivated and loyal participants. I stay with my current schedule until after Memorial Day when I take over M/W/F 5:45AM classes and give up evening ones. That will be great for summer activities.

Otherwise, not much new. Where are those Reese's PB Eggs?


D Bethune said...

Concerning last week's TNR, I think almost everyone is riding better than ever this year, and we certainly have a lot of strength in our group. I'm really excited to see such a competitive, high-paced group ride. I haven't seen one in quite a while, and I must say - it's a lot of fun.

I see all these workouts you're doing, Jon, and I can't help but think to myself, "Wow, he's putting in a lot of workouts in a week's time. And it's several weeks in a row. I hope he's not overtraining - surely he knows what he's doing."

Also, now that you're getting into unfamiliar territory with your weight, and I speak from 2009 experience here, I think you're going to love how much easier hills become on the bike when the weight drops. Believe it or not, hills actually become fun when you can conquer them with authority. TAKE THAT, GRAVITY!!!

By the way, props to you for taking on a 5:45am class. That shows a huge amount of discipline on your part.

Take care!
Ride Smart!
Love every minute of it!


Jon said...

Thanks for the kind words Devin. This is my last week of a build phase so all my hard workouts are planned including an easy week next week.

Gravity still works but it has less to work with in my case now.