Sep 20, 2006

Bad Mojo Part 2

As predicted, bad mojo continues. Ran into some bikers on my trip to Las Vegas who decided to “teach me a lesson” and “make an example of me.” I hate bikers. They were Peckerwood bikers. I was too worried about getting

arrested to really want to start anything but apparently that didn’t bother them but I did manage to get a good hold of one of their sacks and squeeze for all I was worth. Pricks. Cops were really great there, and at least two of them went to jail.
Took at few good shots to the head and didn’t go down, but if it had lasted much longer who knows what would have happened. There were four of them, maybe for them it was a fair fight. Fuck them.
1. Mitchel - September 21, 2006
Biker Bitches! They were probably gay and wanted to you to grab all their sacks! LOL

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