Sep 6, 2006

My Beer Reviews

I like beer. I like a variety of beer. here are my thoughts on a few:
Rolling Rock - mellow, with a little bite. Very little. Too much gives me a hangover.
Grolsch - tasty, has a real beer flavor.
Budweiser - straight from the clydesdale. Gross
Bud Light - straight from a dieting clydesdale. Not so gross, just not so good.
Busch lite - just beer. might as well be plain label.
Corona - good, but needs lime. there are better
Carta Blanca - darn good beer
Dos XX laer - also darn good
Guiness - after the first 2 -3, darn tasty.
Red Stripe - the first one I had tasted like ass. After that it grew on me.
Pacifico - darn good beer
Beck’s - darn good beer
Sam Adams - beer on steroids. All flavors, almost too much for me.
Miller Hi Life - borders on skunky, good colon cleanser.
Amstel Lite - one of my fav’s
Feel free to add yours…

1. Mitchel - September 7, 2006
Black Label Beer - Best Beer farts - bad flavor
Schmidt Big Mouth Bottles - good - best entertainment for the dollar in high school (best for throwing at signs)
Mickey Big Mouth Bottles - good - entertaining as well (something about the big mouth, better velocity)
Heineken - not sure what peoples fascination is with this one - tastes skunky to me
Newcastle Brown Ale - second only to Guiness
2. Jon - September 7, 2006
Miller High Life mini bottles - same as above only more fun to throw out of window - they bounce
Schlitz - ack, but a good nostalgic ack. 12 pack box looks good on your head.
Pabst Blue Ribbon - Nasty.
Fat Tire - loved it until I drank so much I hurled. Don’t like it so much now.
Michelob Ultra - ok, nothing special.
Michelob - used to love it. Drank now only if I want to enjoy a headache the next day.
3. Mitchel - September 7, 2006
Meister Brau - Holds a special place in my heart, right up there with Black Label. Also helped me get out of trouble w/ Decker.
OE 800 - only in 64 oz is it worth the purchase. Problem is it is usually really warm by the time you are done, but by then you have a good buzz. For those nights you want to be ghetto.
Sam Adams Creme Stout - very fine beer as well
Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout - very strong - 1 maybe 2 is plenty. Then guiness seems like a light beer.
4. Mitchel - September 7, 2006
Yuengling - good for a change in flavor but not for all night
5. Jon - September 7, 2006
Negra Modelo - one of my personal fav’s
Leinenkugel’s Red - ok, red, different, nothing special
Boulevard Wheat - so-so, needs lemon to take the bite off, but who wants lemony beer?
Harp - Irish. Beer. Good.
6. Jon - September 9, 2006
Bass - just enough edge to remond you its British, really good. Kinda strong alcohol wize.
7. Jon - September 9, 2006
Lone Star - thought it was cool til I tried it, then thought it was nasty
Coors Light - was that beer or tan water?
8. Jon - September 19, 2006
Blue Moon - really good, smooth
Pilsner Uriquidel - good, different

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Jon said...

My wife is getting really annoyed with me about this. When it takes 15 minutes to pick out a 6-pack b/c I can't chose she gets antsy.

Oh well.