Sep 10, 2006

Bad Mojo

Hopefully the last couple days don’t signal what is to come in the future. Friday had a not to nice coroner call, small child SIDS death. Very emotional, knew the family and friends.
Saturday violated this 15 year old for drug usage and he decided he wasn’t going to jail. When it was all done he said he thought I weighed 500 pounds. I supposed his 6′1″ 150 pounds vs my 5′10 220 pounds made it feel that way, especially when I was sitting on him. Shouldn’t have done what he did and he wouldn’t have had to see how much I weighed. Too bad for him.
Oh well, going to Vegas this week for four days, staying at the Aladdin. Should be a great time.
Raining here so no riding, damm it all to blood sucking puss spewing hell.

1. Mitchel - September 11, 2006
Nicole got to daycare on Friday and Kaytlin was sleeping on her stomach. I had told her what you said and she was really freaked out about it.
Violated, like Family Guy prostate exam “Violated” or busted “Violated”?
Have a good trip!
2. Jon - September 11, 2006
Violated, like going to jail violated. He managed to make one of the other deputies so mad at the jail he almost got the Brock Samson finger up his own butt treatment.

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