Sep 5, 2006

Labored Labor Day

Had a good weekend, nothing too exciting. Rode Maskenthine Saturday and Monday. Played lumberjack at home, painted, mowed and cleaned. Worked the REO Speedwagon concert and had to throw a few people out. That made it a good weekend alone!
Still waiting for the guy who, as I was dragging him out, said that he get me the next day. Should have made it easy and gave him my address. Ah, the joys of private security. Not as many rules and law enforcement.
Anyway, Maskenthine was great, rode like my life depended on it and left hurting. It was sweet.

1. Mitchel - September 6, 2006
Your “My Ride Routes” is cool! Do you just plug in plots on the map?
2. Jon - September 6, 2006
Yes, you just draw it on. Or you can import it from a GPS device. Which I don’t have. Yet.

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