Feb 17, 2009

We're Climbing

Starting into a new cycle, after a week of tempo work, this week is dominated by climbing work. Yesterday, battling a case of the stomach flu, I eased into some shorter high intensity work.

In class tonight we did 4 6-minute climbing intervals with HR solidly in upper zone 4. I was feeling strong and powerful and had a good workout. I am having a hard time getting up into zone 5, but that will come. Traditionally, racing and fast group rides put me in that upper Z4 range. Under the added pressure of being in a group, I have a hard time mentally holding that HR for any extended periods. I am hoping that putting myself there while teaching will acclimate my body and mind to this level of work and get rid of that nagging worry.

Now I am anxious to see how all this inside work translates to being outside. I have seen it go both ways - some spin instructors take that fitness with them and translate it to the bike. Some apparently fool themselves into thinking they are working hard inside and fall flat when they get outside. Time will tell.

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Megan M said...

you'll be amazed at what this kind of work does for you mentally. I didn't start until late in the season last year, and by the time Sept/Oct rolled around (after the races of course) I was flying. It will feel so much easier to hang with your group after this. Keep at it!