Apr 22, 2009

Random Bits of Information from the Last Week

I acted at Chief Referee at the Le Tour de Husker in Lincoln this last weekend. I had a good crew working with me - Kevin, Nancy, and Cheryl - so my job was easy. I could focus on some of the issues during and after the race, concentrate on keeping things moving, and work on my scoring without any pressure.

It was a good weekend, even though the weather was very up and down. I went from looking for more clothes to wear because it was cold to stripping down to short sleeves and wishing I had wore sunblock. Really really burned my face but its better now. Live and learn.

Even though I didn't ride over the weekend I was still exhausted. Officiating is mentally challenging and standing for 8-10 hours isn't something I am used to.

When Monday rolled around I was still tired but braved the 45mph winds and got a good ride in on my mountain bike at Skyview. The course there is all grass with quite a bit of climbing. I am starting to be able to roll up the hills without taxing my system much so I feel my strength is improving. Continued work on climbing is still in order though.

Did another trifecta-plus last night and this morning. Last night I lifted, taught a spin class and went on a MTB group ride. This morning I got up and taught another spin class. If the weather holds out I may try to get another very low intensity ride in tonight, or I might fertilize the lawn. Depends on my ambition level at 5PM I guess.

Want to know something? No? Too bad - i am going to tell you anyway. In the late eighties and into the late nineties I started to develope some minor high blood pressure. Nothing that required medication but definately something to watch. It was getting close to 150/100 most time, and my parents and brother were all already taking medication for their high blood pressure.

Then I started cycling. Over the years my resting heart rate has dropped from the 70's to somewhere around 50, and when I checked my blood pressure this morning it was 122/64 with a HR of 61. After teaching a spin class earlier in the morning and walking around for a bit. Thank you, Mr. Bicycle.

My youngest daughter Kristin made Pink Panthers, again. For those who are wondering - the Pink Panthers is the Norfolk High School dance team. She will be a junior this fall and follows in the footsteps of her older sisters who were all Pink Panthers as well. Dance, dance, dance. Seems like it has been forever a part of our lives but before we know it dancing days will be over.

I guess this is getting long, so I'll stop.

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