Apr 15, 2009

Back After 7 Months

Finally rode some singletrack last night for the first time since September 19, 2008 - almost nine months ago. I love singletrack. I love riding with everyone out on the road and being in a group and trying to hang with the group, but for me nothing is better than dirt. I like being out in the trees being a part of nature and riding my bike.

Even though I had a mechanical issue the made my riding a little less productive ( new chain was too long so lots of skipping on a worn cassette - both got fixed last nght ) it was still great. This is supposed to be a rest week after a hard couple weeks prior but I still stayed on with the group for most of a lap until I popped. Then I backed off, rode my own pace, and had fun.

Even with the mechanicals, and the long time away, my fitness and my riding skills are right where I left off last fall. Not as good as some, better than a few, and good enough for me.

For now.

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