Apr 10, 2009

Whirling Spots

Since I couldn't partake of this week's Thursday Night Ride and my workout and bodily rhythms were in sync, I opted for letting it all hang out on the spin bike in class.

Compressing the subtleties of a 120 minute TNR into a 45 minute spin class was no easy feat. But, after seeing whirling spots in front of my eyes after the last threshold interval, I think I accomplished my goal. Legs were fried, lungs were burned, and every last bit of extra sweat was on the floor.

So, the rest of the week for me? And easy spin tonight and nothing but rest on Saturday while at work. Sunday will be an easy day as will most of next week. I am hoping that Tuesday finds the Maskenthine trails dry so I can see how my MTB legs are feeling.

The Psycowpath opener is May 2.

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