Apr 28, 2009

New Week, Still Random

Had a great weekend (mostly) at home with Kandy. We both forgot how much we enjoy each other's company and it was nice remembering. Didn't do much: lawn maintenance, house work, dinner. Just nice.

Rode quite a bit last week, even though I wimped out of a TNR. On Friday I let it rip at the Secret Training Ground, laying down the fastest laps I have ever done there. Hmmm. Is there racing in my future? Kandy says it makes her stomach hurt when I talk about it. We'll see.

Not much new to report. Work is the same, spring is still playing peek-a-boo with us. Emphasis on the "boo" there.

Armstrong, Liepheimer, and Horner riding the Tour of the Gila this week. So is Landis. Although, after watching Landis' Twitter feed I am not much of a fan anymore. So much so that I don't watch it anymore.

The Norfolk Classic weekend should be a doozy - two great days of racing on great venues. But this year, riders need to bring their families and stay. After the road race there is a circus in town; that night there is a car show, BBQ, and beer garden with live music; and the Christian Cross Festival after the State Crit. The car show, BBQ, and beer garden will be on the crit course so those from out of town won't have too many places to look for. Should be a great time.


Redbone said...

A car show, BBQ, and beer garden! I'm in.

Jon said...

Yes, should be a good time. You need a road bike of your own so you can race both days.